About Me

Hello I’m Mragank Shandilya

I’m an Academician, Blogger, and Digital Marketer

I have worked in various fields, be it MNCs (corporate), armed forces, PSUs or private sector. I was a software engineer for 3 years, also worked in Indian Air Force as Flight lieutenant.

I also have vast experience with freelancing work and just enjoy the freedom that it allows me. The freedom to work from anywhere and at anytime of my choice. Moreover, it allows me to be with my pets and family.

I had my first puppy when I was around 6 years old. Thereafter, we also got a couple of parrots and rabbits. Our home used to look like a mini zoo. And I loved it. Then I got a couple of dogs at the age of 17, which remained with me till they died at a ripe age of 12 years, in 2011. One of my friend used to have a lot of kittens, and I loved spending time with them too. Even today I cannot imagine my life without my four-legged friends.

I love dogs and animals in general and I believe in giving them freedom even if we have them as pets. Not a big fan of tying them up all the time.

This website is a small effort on my side to share my tips and tricks with a wider audience, when it comes to taking care of our pets.

Mragank Shandilya
(pen name)