How to litter train a Rabbit?

Dog owners train their dogs to raise an alarm when they get a nature’s call, or do it at a particular time of the day when they take them on a stroll. Cat owners train their cats to use a litter box right there at home. But what about Rabbits?

It’s a matter of common sense that we cannot take our rabbits out on a walk like dogs on a regular basis. So, the only option left for us is to train them to use a litter box.

Anyone who have had an experience with rabbits knows that they litter a lot. Though their mess is easier to clean than say a dog’s or a cat’s, but it’s still a headache. If we can make them use a litter box like cats, it will solve a big hassle of ours. But can it be done?

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  • Do Rabbits use litter box?
  • How to litter train a pet Rabbit?

Do Rabbits use litter box?

The short answer is - Yes, they can. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. They are much less responsive than cats and so much more difficult to train.

It will take a lot of effort and time on your part to achieve this task. In some cases, it may almost feel like mission impossible. But let us give you some tips to make it a bit easier for you.

How to litter train a pet Rabbit?

  • Get a large-size litter box. Rabbits, in general, won’t use a litter box if it’s too small in size. You may use a covered or an uncovered litter box. If your rabbit is not using a covered one, then you should buy an uncovered one.

  • Fill it a bit with compressed pine pellets (e.g. feline pine), wood stove pellets, horse stall pellets, etc.

  • Also put some hay in the litter box (on one side), e.g. timothy hay. Rabbits generally eat and poop at the same time, and putting hay there will give them an indication that that’s the place to poop. Make sure your rabbit cannot access the hay from outside the litter box, or else they will just poop wherever they are eating. The litter box and hay setting has been shown below for your reference: rabbits

  • Rabbits tend to pee and poop at a particular corner of their cage or room. It would be a good idea to keep the litter box at that corner. Do not forget to tie the litter box to the cage.

Accidents will happen!

When we are potty training our pets, accidents are bound to happen. They take some time to learn. This is even more true in case of rabbits that take a lot of time to learn and often forget their training. In case accidents happen, say your rabbit poops or pees on the floor then:

  • sweep their poop and place it in the litter box.
  • sweep the pee on the floor with a cloth and place it in the litter box.

Doing so will send a signal to the rabbit that he should use the litter box for these purposes. The smell of their poop and pee indicates them where to go the next time. Make sure you clean the floor with vinegar, water or phenyle, so as to remove any smell. If they smell their poop/pee on the floor or the carpet, they will do it again there.

Also, till they are properly trained, restrict them to a small room or a cage (not too small!). Place liquid absorbent material on the floor, and remove any material that may get spoiled due to exposure to their pee (e.g. papers, cardboard, etc.). You may also keep the floor bare, but then you will have to sweep it again and again.

Rabbits tend to forget their litter training after some time. So, you may have to train them a few times, again and again.

Winding Up

So, now you know. Potty training of your rabbit is achievable – it’s a herculean task, but not impossible. Follow the tips and steps listed in this article, and have some patience. There’s nothing in this world that can’t be achieved with love and patience!

However, keep in mind that not every rabbit is the same. Some rabbits are easier to train than others. Even rabbits of the same breed vary in their personality. I have seen that some rabbits learn to use the litter box within a week or so, and then never litter anywhere else. On the other side of the spectrum, I have also encountered pretty stubborn rabbits too that litter at random places even after regular training. Some may learn to pee in the litter box, but will still poop outside.

Male rabbits are territorial, and they often pee at various places just to mark their territory. Even neutering your rabbit does not mean that he/she can easily be toilet trained.

So, give your best and pray to your stars!

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